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Awesome images: Gregory Colbert

I saw this post on Gregory Colbert today.  Colbert’s photography work is amazing, visit his site and photography: Ashes & Snow.

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image of girl dancing and releasing a hawk in flight

Gregory Colbert image -- http://ashesandsnow.com

Flamenco Fish

There is a fish that swims in the shallow crystal clear waters of Flamenco Beach.

In loose, slow schools you can only see it when under water.

With virtually clear colored bodies, and only the faintest of black on it’s fin tips, it hides in plain sight.

Unmolested by predators from above.

My Teachers: A List

This is a list of my teachers:

  • My mother–a saint in my eyes, especially because of her faults
  • My father–piece of shit that he was.
  • Malcom– for showing me a possibility of how to be, when I had no hope.
  • Dr. Reisch–for hazing my ass intellectually, and laying the foundation for my intellectual investigation.
  • Marvin–a counselor at Elmhurst Boys, who gave me a visible example of how to behave.
  • The boys of Elmhurst Boys-with and amongst whom we hustled, fought, stole, smoked, drank.
  • The boys of Lefrak City–who taught me how to take a beat down.
  • Celeste–with whom I learned the possibilities of intimacy & the lunacy of relationships.
  • Those sons of bitches who cut me up, and left me for dead that night in Brooklyn.
  • Sheikh Ali–who taught me spiritual insight.
  • Karriem–my Brother. I’ll miss you. Didn’t get to say goodbye.
  • Dr. Sampson–who did her job when others just wouldn’t.
  • Eddie–who taught me to man up.
  • The NCOs of the Ranger Regiment–who forced me to meet the Warrior.
  • B.I.B.–because of the shit we went through. Those who know, know.
  • My wife–who has been my mirror, whether I wanted her to be or not.
  • My children–who can count the lessons?
  • My business–for bringing me brutally face-to-face with my shortcomings.
  • Daisy, my dog–because she just is. She is a Warrior.
  • Tomiko, my dog–for making me eat my words, and winning me over, despite peeing all over the place.
  • Sugar, my cat–who first showed me what loyalty might look like.
  • My wife’s Grandfather–who was a Real Man. May I ever live up to his example.

That’s it for now. A starter list. I will probably amend the list as time goes on.

Helping Pandas

Post by guest author, S. J., 7 years old.

panda bear and her cubsPanda bears are cute and adorable but on the endangered species list.Their habitat has an extremely poor diet.There are two kinds of panda bears.The giant black and white panda, the one that comes to most of our minds, but there’s also the red panda which is also called the lesser panda.There are very few pandas left in the wild and zoologists have been largely unsuccessful in breeding them in captivity up to now.The Chinese government has taken steps to protect these endangered animals.Will YOU help protect these animals?