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Day 12–Road to Ironman Florida

12 Days down–388 to go till Ironman Florida 2012

On the road this weekend, putting my slow-carb diet to the test on the road.  One advantage has been that one of the three days on the road is my cheat day, Saturday.  This also conveniently coincided with the team dinner (Golden Coral, one restaurant not on my favorite list).  We also had an immediately post-game meal at Sweet Bones Alabama (the food was actually outstanding), which fit into the slow-carb model very well, but also was easier falling on my cheat day.

We also ate at Urban Cookhouse before hitting the road home.   The food was good, and definitely compatible with slow-carb, but for a little bit more money, I would opt for Sweet Bones Alabama.

Free hotel breakfasts are always tough if you’re trying to avoid a bunch of cheap carbs.  I usually opt for extra helpings of whatever they have for eggs.  This time the eggs had ham each day, so i went for the boiled eggs, fruit, and yogurt.  The fruit is a minor slow-carb violation.  Yogurt is always a good hotel breakfast option.

Training on the road is another challenge.  I’ve switched my off-day to Sunday.  Sunday used to be my long run day, but upon inspection, it makes more sense as an off-day:   A)  I go into the next training week with an actual day of rest between, B)  I can double down on the rest effect, with say Friday as an off day, I still have the stress of a workday, and all the other weekday scheduling, negating a portion of the offness.

Thus, I only had to plan training around one or two days of travel, instead of the entire stretch.  I ran 3 miles or so yesterday, using Google Maps to plot my route.  This is usually a pretty good option, helpful for determining whether certain routes are navigable in unknown cities.  Sometimes I do find myself running through unsavory parts of town, but have never had any problems.

I’m in a heavy lifting phase in the gym, so will be getting back on that horse this week.

Also, getting ramped up for the “From 5k to 50k in 12 Weeks” training plan.  I’m not quite into the 12 weeks yet, still in like week zero.  Once I get fully adjusted to lifting and speedwork,  plus a couple of races under my belt, we’ll know how well that is working.



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Race Report: American Legion Post 304 5k Run

The Queen invited me to run this race with her.  I agreed (how could I refuse such a request).  Besides, I’m in the final six weeks of my Half Ironman training regimen, it was a slight hiccup, however, this is a recovery week, a 5k wasn’t too much of an interruption, and I was delighted she would ask me.

American Legion Post 304 North Cobb logo

American Legion Post 304 North Cobb logo

Host:    American Legion Post 304

Date & Time:    20 August 2011, 7:30 am

Location:    Kennesaw, Georgia –Barrett Lakes
1940 Lodge Rd Kennesaw, GA

Cost:    $20 early,  $25 day of

Course map:  Race Map

Race Results

Terrain:     Rolling hills.  (see notes below)

My Overall Impression:     This was a very pleasant, well organized race.  Nice swag bags.  After race food was adequate, but the vendor giveaways were great, and more than made up for it.  I would certainly run this race again.

Notes:    Race time was at 7:30.  The route was advertised by the event promoters (not the American Legion Post) as flat.  It wasn’t flat.  It was more rolling hills.  I found the course to be a nice run.  The hills were not bad and truly rolling.  Many times courses are listed as “rolling hills”, and what they mean are “many steep hills”.  However, several people were expecting flat.

I suspect there were 100-200 racers.

Competition was moderate.  Races like these can run the gamut, especially if many old time military guys come out (who often tend to be FAST as runners).

From the race site:

5K run to support the American Legion Post 304. We support 5 Cobb County High Schools. Allatoona, Kennesaw Mountain, Mt Paran Christian, North Cobb & North Cobb Christian as well as the R.O.T.C of Kennesaw State University and many Veteran organizations and causes.

Race Map

Race organizers

Race Results (not posted yet)

Race Report: ATC Cross Country 5k 2010

Milton High School, Alpharetta, GA site of ATC Cross Country 5kMy first time out for the ATC Cross Country 5k. Another race in my goal this year of racing once per month.  I will miss technically miss that goal, but will hit it in spirit.  More specifically these races in November, December, and January are about staying motivated and on track–I’ve found that scheduling and running in events throughout the holiday season is a great way to stay motivated during this tough time of year.

This is my first time out for the ATC Cross Country 5k.  It was a good race.  It’s a tough course, and the smaller ATC races always bring out good competitors.  The temperature was brisk, but the wind merciful.  Recent rains had drained off sufficiently pretty well in most areas.

Location:  Milton High School, Alpharetta, Georgia

Gun time:  9 am

Distances:  5k

Course:  1000 m loop, then 2 x 2000 m loops for 5k total.

Registration:  $10;  Free for ATC members.

Host:  Atlanta Track Club

Race Results

Weather:  Cold with mild breeze.  The air warmed a bit between first arrival and start time.  Running shorts, Long sleeve base layer, T Shirt, Nike Frees.  Could’ve stood some gloves.

Terrain:  Hilly, wooded course with gravel, chips, pine straw, dirt, roots, short sections of paved crossing.  Essentially a trail run.  Significant, but short hills.

A nice break from the standard asphalt road course. Good course with challenging hills.  The hills were fairly significant, but short.

Competition:  As I mentioned, the field was pretty competitive, but not too embarrassing for a mid-packer.  There were a couple of walkers.  So a little be for every one.

General Impression:  A good December race.  A little close on the heels of any Thanksgiving Day races you may have done.  I found I was probably a little over-trained.

Room for improvement:  No real negatives.  The D-tags were only used for finish times, but the start line was extremely wide and shallow,  so probably not much difference between clock & chip start time.

Race Report: Turkey Trot, United Way Savannah

The whole fam ran in this year’s United Way Savannah Turkey Trot. I’ve found that scheduling and running in events throughout the holiday season is a great way to stay motivated and focused during this easily distracting and demotivating time of year–Not to mention the high calorie consumption events stacked so close together:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

logo for the 2d annual United Way Savannah Turkey Trot

http://www.ucwe.org and David Murphy.

This is the second year United Way Savannah has held this event, and the second year I’ve run it.  Last year was their inaugural year and there were some, to be expected, rookie glitches.  It was a nice race last year, and was an even better one this year.

Location:  Daffin Park, Savannah, Georgia

Gun time:  8:30 am

Distances:  5k & Kids Run

Course:  Leaving Daffin park, into surrounding Savannah neighborhood, and back into the park.

Registration:  $20-$35 depending on your registration date.

Host:  United Way of the Coastal Empire

Race Results

Weather:  Very mild, even for Savannah standards.  One might call it ideal racing weather.  Running shorts, T Shirt, Nike Frees.  No cold weather gear.

Terrain:  Virtually dead flat.  Not the absolute flattest course, but I can’t recall one significant grade.

Very enjoyable course, particularly if you are not from Savannah, or have not lived there for an appreciable time.  The ancient live oaks, historical homes, winding course, provide a very nice back drop to the run.

Competition:  Not the fastest group, but the leaders put up some respectable times.  Overall and age group winners were competitive, but the rest of field ran the gamut of experience levels.  A good first race for the uninitiated.

General Impression:  Definitely run this race if looking for a Thanksgiving race in or around Savannah.  Improved over last year, and look for more improvements going forward.  The nicest port-a-potties you’ve ever seen.

Room for improvement:  One negative is, while they did use D-tags,  they were only used for the end time, and not the start time–So the race times did not produce a true “chip time”.