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No Fundamental Difference

I will try to keep this short, as the year 2016 closes.

Many of the people I follow on social media feel that the election of Donald Trump is the single worst thing that could have happened this year, or ever.  Whether Donald Trump’s election is the worst or not, begs the question.  The alternative was Hillary Clinton.  As bad as Trump may be, or will be, Clinton would be no better.  It may make some feel better if Clinton won, but her stances and policies would leave us no better. Therefore, that leaves the fundamental question unanswered.

The fundamental question is how we found ourselves with a choice between Trump and Clinton.  In fact, how do we continually find ourselves with a choice between two evils. Make no mistake these two are both evil. Trump’s dubious business practices, very scary rhetoric, Putin schmoozing, neo-nazi supporters, and certain cabinet picks. Clinton has her own track record of evil — Can you say Libya?  Ukraine? or Haiti?  Try “Super Predator” or “Kathy Shelton.”  But, again this is all very besides the point.

There is not one significant policy direction that a United States President has taken, that a subsequent President, even of the so-called opposing party, has reversed.  Take Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, supposedly diametrically opposed.  As far as their policy effects on American Blacks, for example, there is no difference.  Reagan initiated the so-called “War on Drugs”.  Remember, Iran-Contra?  A funny name, leaving out the part of  selling of crack in Los Angeles.  I digress.  The War on Drugs  policy-wise hinged on “get tough” policing, mandatory minimum sentencing, and an intentional targeting of black communities.  Bill Clinton capped it off with “Three Strikes, You’re Out” which, again coincidentally, had a disproportionate and devastating effect on American Blacks. What did Clinton do so great for American Blacks again?

I can point out similar threads from Carter through Obama, affecting all Americans and the world at-large.

My point is that this argument about Trump vs. Clinton, or Kerry vs. Bush, or whomever, is distraction and subterfuge.  These people are all on the same team.  Liberals hate Fox News (super “conservative”), but Fox is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Daily News (super “liberal”).

Trump is talking big stick nuclear talk. Clinton is a war hawk and profiteer.  But neither would have a son, or grandson be in harm’s way overseas.  They’ll  leave the dying part of war to poor kids from Brooklyn and West Virginia.



Triple Nickle — 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion

555th Parachute Infantry Battalion logo--depicts panther atop a T10 parachute

555th Parachute Infantry Battalion unit patch

In honor of Veterans Day, I thought I would post some info, or really a list of links about the Triple Nickle Airborne Battalion, the 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion, an all-black airborne infantry (paratrooper) unit from the World War II era.  They were later integrated into the 82d Airborne Division.

I posted an image of the 24th Infantry Regiment (one of the original four Buffalo Soldier units) earlier, a photo I took during a visit to the Infantry Museum in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Regardless of your feelings about war and militarism, many groups have paid high prices in service of the United States, yet have had they’re memory relegated and marginalized.  It is a terrible insult added to injury.  I will try to post information on these groups periodically, as it relates to my personal interests.

Whereas I’m not personally aware of any family members who served in the Triple Nickle, my ancestors have fought and bled for this country since 1745.  In that vein, Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day, for that matter, hold a special significance in my heart, even if it’s not your run-of-the-mill style patriotism.

E. Mann: Joining the Triple Nickels – Part 1

555th Paratrooper / Atlanta Chapter #4 Rudy Cohen — gives a more detailed history of what happened to the Triple Nickle soliders after the unit was disbanded in 1950.


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