…Through the virtue of training, Enlighten both body and soul — Morihei Sensei

Hard Days

Hard days, are . . . well–Hard.  By extension they are generally unpleasant.  By extension we generally try to avoid them.  The irony is that these are the days we can grow from.  That make us better.  That make more Hard Days less likely.  By extension we should actually seek out more Hard Days.

This is a major principle in training, particularly when it comes to endurance sports.  But this is true to all aspects of our lives.  Hard Days give plenty of fodder to analyze our stalking (the process where we monitor our own behavior, step by step, from a detached point of view).  Stalking is a key activity in growth because it provides the vision to see, in this case, the small things that made the day hard, and which can be changed.

The principle in stalking is to detachedly dissect our internal reactions, and find the key reactions that a particular sequence of behaviors pivoted on.  Sometimes, these reactions and choices were several days before the experience of hardship.

Stalking can be applied to Easy Days or Successful Days as well, except we are usually not motivated to dissect and change these outcomes as much.

Hard Days are uncomfortable, unpleasant, painful, agonizing, miserable–take your pick.  The trigger our inherited survival avoidance mechanisms.  And they need to be absolutely sought out.

-Old 454

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