…Through the virtue of training, Enlighten both body and soul — Morihei Sensei

I train because I must

I train for one very simple reason:  I must.

I do have the choice to not train, but that is the choice of no option.

The single hardest thing I do each day is get out of bed.  That presents a horrible proposition.  I must sleep, and I must wake up (unless it’s my last slumber).  And therefore I must face that dread every single day.  No avoiding.

Training changes the entire equation.  It makes those things that my biochemistry makes so horrible, bearable.  But it does more.  Training allows me to feel good and even great in ways that under normal day-to-day drudgery my biochemistry just won’t.   There are those moments and periods when the mini-pharmacy between my ears is firing on all cylinders without the boost from physical and mental exertion.  However, those moments are entirely unpredictable, and crumble for completely undiscernible reasons.

When I speak of training, I speak of all the activities I engage in that connect me to the Warrior.  Running, weight lifting, swimming, camping, rock climbing,  cycling, hiking, fencing, swordsmanship, archery.  There are other forms of training, as well.  On a mystical level, modern comfortable society does not fulfill me, the Warrior.  When I am in the woods, or on the trail, the fog of post-modern living begins to lift and I can sense my part of the immortal universal spirit of existence.

There are many practical benefits of training that I enjoy:  good health, never actually get sick, clear thinking, more sociable and nicer to be around, good model for my family, inspire my friends and associates, higher energy levels, increased sense of self-worth, practice goal-setting/achieving, break procrastination.

However, they all pale in comparison to the biochemical boost and I believe, retraining of my brain function;  and this mystical doorway, fog-lifting access to Spirit.    Both of which are two sides of the same coin.  Training connects me inwardly to the Warrior, and outwardly to Spirit.

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