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Solstice Goals: Random thoughts on goal setting & review

copper colored moon during full lunar eclipse and winter solstice

Tuesday Twitter was abuzz with the first Winter Solstice Full Lunar Eclipse in 372 years. It was the first time this even came on my radar.  That night, about 2 am, I woke up the whole family and marched them outside to watch the event.  People were tweeting about it.  As we watched the Earth’s shadow move across the face of the moon, it began to dawn on me that this was the Real New Year, that today (then Tuesday) was the last day of the year, and tomorrow (now Wednesday) the first day of a New Year.  I decided it was time to do a little goal review.

These issues of the Lunar, Solar, Gregorian calendars, the dates and timing of Christmas and New Years (1 Jan), are all very interesting, but subjects for several other posts.

My friend describes very well how goals change over time and how one needs to allow intuitive responses to grow and evolve on their own, outside of the constraints of a pre-thought out goals list.   Often these lists are produced in a single session, and artificially represent what we think we should want to accomplish.  Nevertheless, I have found the process useful.  As an aside, I would emphasize that it is the process (contemplation, reflection) much more so than the product (the list) that holds the value.

Each year I review my list from the previous year.  I page through my journal, and I check off the things I accomplished, the things I forewent, the things I still need to work on.  The most interesting items are the goals I set and accomplished, but never added to my list (@ChristineMillan could appreciate that one).

Throughout the year I meet with good friends and we discuss our goals, provide advice, and some accountability.  Many of these notes make it into my journal and become more immediate, intermediate goals.  Some are just action steps.  Some are brand new goals.

The whole process is very organic for me.  I have no real system.  Many of the items in my list I never really see again until the end of the year (today).  It is always a delicious surprise to see items I accomplished, but forgot I had even listed.  I also enjoy seeing items listed, that I discarded, and decided for whatever reason, weren’t goals I actually wanted to accomplish.

As the title says, Random Thoughts.


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