…Through the virtue of training, Enlighten both body and soul — Morihei Sensei

Race Report: ATC Run Around the Rock 2010

I completed the ATC Run Around the Rock 2010 yesterday.  It was a good race, very simple, little hoopla.  A good race to open the season.

Location:  Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

Gun time:  8am

Distances:  5M, 10M, 15M & Kids Run

Course:  Around Stone Mountain short loop.  Clockwise.  One lap is 5 miles.

Registration:  $10; free for ATC members

Host:  Atlanta Track Club

Weather yesterday at gun time was in the 30s.  Not much wind.  I warmed up with sweats and a skully.  I ditched the skully and sweats, running in a t-shirt, long sleeve cold weather base layer shirt, running shorts, and Nike Free running shoes. No socks.  I couldn’t find my running gloves, and wish I did.  Otherwise, I was good.

Terrain:  “Rolling hills”.  I never know what that means.  It is around the foot of a small mountain.  There are probably three or four steep hills, and two additional long, but not steep hills.  Not many flat sections.

I enjoy running around Stone Mountain.  The hills provide some good work, and keep a course I’m very familiar with from getting boring.  I ran the 5M flavor this year.  This is my first year running this race.  My last race was a triathlon in August, and I haven’t put in many miles.  I figured that even on little training, I could run a respectable five miles.  My main goal was to get a base race pace to work off of for the next 10 months or so, as I prepare for the Augusta Half Ironman.

Competition:  These track club races bring out a lot of fast people.  These are often tagged “low-key” events, but the ATC members come out in good numbers, providing a higher density of dedicated runners than your average local charity run.  That being said, there were people running all sorts of paces, so there’s something for every level runner.

General Impression:  A nice race and a welcome break from the standard 5k/10k.  The weather was unseasonably cold this year, I didn’t need a hat, but could have stood some running gloves.


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