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Mexicans, Muslims & Gays: Who’s Next?

The xenophobic wave of fear I see sweeping through the United States is quite stunning.  The latest manifestation is the protest against the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque”.  The moniker (in it’s inaccuracy) itself yields much grounds for illustration.  Regardless of how one feels about the building of the mosque/center itself, the rhetoric and hyperbole surrounding this issue are undeniably inflammatory and down-right scary.  However, this is just one on a growing list of examples of how Americans, who consider themselves the core American demographic, are reacting against those “others”.  I hesitate to label the wave racist, because I sense it’s actually something more sinister.

Overarching questionOnce they get done with the Mexicans, Muslims and gays, do you think you’ll be safe?

I am arguing that there is a deep seated psychosis in the American psyche that America wants to pretend doesn’t exist.  This psychosis has reared its head in horrible ways in the past.  Genocide of the Native Americans, interment of Japanese Americans, enslavement of Africans, McCarthyism & the Red Scare, internment & torture of “enemy combatants”.  The current round of “anti-otherism,” bears all the earmarks of the beginning of another ugly episode of this psychosis.

Let’s look at the current list of “others”:  Mexicans, Muslims, gays.  Some corresponding examples are anti-immigration laws, the daily barrage of inflammatory statements against Muslims, anti-gay marriage campaign, and anti-affirmative action movement (“reverse racism”).  What I find most interesting about this list, is that in the current election cycle there are candidates with every one of these items on their platforms.

Conservative talking-heads address these issues, and others, as encroachments on our freedoms.  Irony of ironies: their solutions to these encroachments, are to take away the freedom of others.  Their solutions of the past have served to take away our freedoms general (Patriot Act), in the name of safety.

Focusing again on the “Ground Zero Mosque”.  Let me state quickly that it is neither at Ground Zero, nor is it a mosque.  These are at once technical, but also very real distinctions.  Because the question quickly arises, how far from Ground Zero would it be acceptable to build a mosque (or in this case, and Islamic center)?  Some opponents state that its fine, just not in lower Manhattan.  However their rhetoric suggests, that it would be fine, just not in the United States.

As an aside New Gingrich seems to have a penchant for comparing people and groups to Nazis.  First he compared President Obama and Democrats in general, most recently he compared Muslims to Nazis.  The irony of course, is that such demagoguery is straight from the Adolph Hitler/Joseph Goebbels playbook.  If you doubt, you can read the words for Gingrich’s pen (so to speak) here:  Language: A Key Mechanism of Control.

The vehemence against building a mosque also reveals the myopic vision of many Americans.  The people who attacked us on September 11th were Muslim.  They professed primarily political grounds for attacking us.  It is an extreme leap to then say Islam is evil.  To suggest that human rights violations and murder by Isreal then condemns Judaism would be met with vehemence.  Suggesting that the Catholic Church protecting and enabling child predators for centuries, condemns all Christians everywhere would be ridiculous.  Yet this is what we have done with Islam.

Or, I can quote Ron Paul:  “This is like blaming all Christians for the wars of aggression and occupation because some Christians supported the neo-conservative’s aggressive wars.”  Read the full piece.

Lets be clear, Muslims died in the towers that day. American Muslims have fought, bled and died in the war against Al Quaida, the Taliban, and Sadam’s Iraq.  It is a disgrace and tragedy to then assert that these Muslims are in the same class as  the extreme minority that comprises Al-Quaida or the Taliban.

I’ve written about similar divide & control techniques used in America.

The questions then are:

  1. Why the need to demonize Muslims in general?
  2. Who really stands to gain?
  3. Once their done with the Mexicans, Muslims, and gays, do you think you’ll be safe?

If you think that because your Christian, you’re safe, think again.  Are you a member of any “other” group?  Do you think Sarah Palin’s version of Christianity has much tolerance in it?  Perhaps you or a loved one will be in need of a life-saving abortion.  Do you think that Sarah Palin’s Christianity has any room in it for that.

Or maybe you’re not Mexican.  Do you really think the anti-immigration push is about a love of the law?  Why do we have our immigration quotas in the first place?  Talking heads speak of Ellis Island like that was the infallible implementation of abiding by immigration law.  Only a small minority of immigrants passed through Ellis Island.  Ellis Island was not about overseeing the implementation of immigration laws.

What difference does it really make whether a gay couple can be recognized as married or not?  How does the governmental recognition of this affect anything but the administrative issues of insurance, healthcare, probate, etc.? Why does the small government crowd want the government to interfere in the lives of gay people?  Not gay, you say? Do you really think that your lifestyle choices & personal preferences are safe from the same small-but-ever-encroaching-government people?

Do not miss my larger point. I’m not advocating for or against the building of a mosque.  I am pointing out that the vehemence is not about Islam, or September 11th, it is about a deep-seated psychosis deeply rooted in the American psyche that nobody wants to deal with.   The ostensible objective is to extend the demonization from terrorists to Islam in general.  What reason?  One can only guess.  But the most obvious is to distract from the ongoing, progessless, nine year war going on in Afghanistan and Iraq, the millions of lives ruined and lost along the way.  There are other more sinister motives, I’m sure.

To quote Ron Paul again:

“Defending the controversial use of property should be no more difficult than defending the 1st Amendment principle of defending controversial speech. But many conservatives and liberals do not want to diminish the hatred for Islam–the driving emotion that keeps us in the wars in the Middle East and Central Asia.” (emphasis mine)

What’s the motivation behind the anti-immigration stance?  Maybe to distract from our leaders culpability in leading the United States down a road of consumerism, ballooning debt, and mediocrity.  Let’s blame it on all these illegals coming across the border.  Immigration, illegal or otherwise is a political problem.  The immigrant nations are culpable in the process.  If politicians really wanted to deal with Mexican immigrants, then they would deal with the Mexican federal government, which has a policy encouraging Mexican immigration north across our borders, but heavily discourages Central American immigration north into Mexico.

They won’t do this because they need illegal immigration to distract from their own ineptitude, culpability and corruption.

They’ll continue to demonize all Muslims everywhere, because they need to distract from their culpability in engaging in this never-ending war, and selling the last of our freedoms down the river (Patriot Act).

They’ll continue to implicate gays for the general demise of family units in America, because it distracts from the slight of hand of equating the American Dream with American Consumerism.

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4 responses

  1. jasmeet1566

    Good Blog…I loved your viewpoint


    Thu, 26 Aug 2010 at 0622

  2. Trudy

    This is a phenomenal article and the best that I have read on the matter. The way you illustrated what is occurring and the real motives based on both fact and summary is excellent. It is truly unfortunate that the psychology of racism, prejudice and exclusion is consistently ignored and made into a bunch of tiny issues when the larger issue remains the pink elephant in the room that everyone from politicians to the common individual ignores.

    Sat, 28 Aug 2010 at 1149

    • Thank you very much. You’re exactly right. By ignoring the historical big picture, and fragmenting these issues into isolated events, Americans as a whole can avoid the pain. And leaders specifically can distract from, and avoid accountability.

      Sat, 28 Aug 2010 at 1205

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