…Through the virtue of training, Enlighten both body and soul — Morihei Sensei

The Warrior Connection . . .

Recap: The question I’ve been looking at is, whether mystics of varied traditions are more alike to one another, or to their respective orthodox traditions. My operating premise is, mystics of different traditions share more affinity with one another, than with their orthodoxies. This is an interesting philosophical inquiry, but what good is it as a practical matter? How can an individual, in this case myself, create a synthesis of varying spiritual and philosophical bents into a coherent practice. I’ve determined that it is not an issue of developing a coherent dogma, but of adopting a particular perspective or view point.

The practical question: What then is this perspective? From my reading, it seems that the principle of Warriorship is nearly universal. Additionally, the warrior is naturally inclined to adopt a mystical perpective. Warriors, or their more one-sided counterparts, soldiers are confronted with the question: “What if I die today?” That question, when taken as a true possibility, changes your perspective. Death is then no longer a thing you experience at the end of a long life, after you’ve had a chance to put your house in order. It is not a thing that you get to choose, lying in a sick bed as an old man. It becomes a thing that you might experience in any moment. There is not drama. There is not glory. There is no anger. It is a thing you and they are engaged in. And any loss of focus, or bad luck can have you experiencing the sledge hammer effect of a full-metal jacket round piercing your ribcage.

This is not to say that Warriors are soldiers, or engaged in the profession of killing people. But it is to say that Warriors must confront this question. And when you confront the question head on, you are left with a strange sensation that the dogmatic religious views of pillow-soft handed preachers misses the essence. When given an option, warrior cultures almost universally adopt mystical spiritual traditions. Samurai, North and South American Native Americans, Masaai, Indians, Spartans, Templars, Australian Aborigines.

It’s a hell of a thing when your sitting there, dealing with, not your mortality, but the immediacy of it. It will change your perspective. That is the perspective, it seems, I need to dial in on.


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