…Through the virtue of training, Enlighten both body and soul — Morihei Sensei

My idea . . . (The problem).

Question: What is the perspective that would allow one to synthesize separate and distinct spiritual paths into a single coherent (more or less) path?

I have studied several spiritual, some mystical, and a few warriorship traditions. Some of these intersect, some are indistinguishable, some very distinct. I have even walked a couple of these paths. I long for a confluence of many of these elements. It occurs to me that there is a synthesis of these paths out there. In my personal practice, there is a general coherence behind the thrust of my more doctrinal leanings. However, I feel that there should also be the element of warriorship, and a familial aspect which allows the entire family full participation.

The issue of warriorship comes down to a few elements, to include: Radical personal responsibility, fearlessness, and impeccability (to borrow from don Juan, and don Miguel).

The issue the familial is essentially a multi-dimensional situation that can satisfy the intellectual, philosophical, and supportive needs of adults and parents, as well as the more social, inquisitive, and playful needs of the kids in the family. Additionally, a dimension that addresses the nuclear family as a unit and integrates them into a larger community and extended family.

In my mind there must be synthesis of, for example, soto zen, sufism, toltec, budo, and that familial aspect. This would not be a particular organization, per se. In fact, a specific organization may be, by its nature, antithetical to what I’m asking. It seems what I’m asking for is a view point, a certain perspective that allows these things to synthesize.

– Jalal.
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